Renewable Revenue

Electricity prices have been rising quickly over recent years, a trend that seems set to continue. The costs to renew our aging electricity infrastructure are being passed directly onto the consumer, who in turn are seeing an increase in their bills.

There is particular strain on the grid at peak times and commercial customers who need to use their electricity during these busy hours can face eye watering charges. The National Grid, responsible for operating the UK transmission network and balancing the dynamic shifts between supply and demand, are looking to implement innovative solutions through contracts where suppliers offer flexibility services back to the grid.

Rapid technological advances have made energy storage technology a viable proposition. Energy storage can be implemented in two ways, either directly connected to the grid, providing power when it’s most needed, or connected ‘behind the meter’ to directly supply an end user such as a large office or factory, where it can also act as an uninterrupted power source to ensure smooth operation to business. In either configuration, the energy storage device is able to provide balancing services crucial to the operation of the grid.

As owners of a diverse property portfolio, Local Authorities may find themselves in a unique position to benefit from the advent of energy storage. Here are 4 things to consider if you think this could be right for you:

  • Do you have large properties that have high electricity consumption?
  • Do you have land assets close to existing grid infrastructure?
  • Do you have land assets of a quarter acre or larger?
  • Do you have land assets which are segregated from residential properties and outside of AONB’s and areas of other environmental sensitivity?

If your portfolio contains property that fits one or more of the criteria above, you could benefit from energy storage infrastructure. Whether you are able to invest directly in an asset on the cutting edge of technology to reduce your electricity bills and earn revenue payments from the National Grid, or benefit from a 3rd party fully funded alternative – to lease land and secure long term rental payments, Public Power Solutions will be able to help you with our offer of a full range of development services. PPS have an in house team specialising in disciplines from feasibility and project development, right through to procurement, construction and O&M. Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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