Public Power Solutions completes installation of EV chargers at Waterside Park

PPS has completed the installation and energisation of eight new double-headed electric vehicle chargers at Waterside Park, Cheney Manor, Swindon.

The EV chargers, the first phase of the Waterside Innovation hub project, will be partially powered by the energy generated from the Barnfield Solar Farm close to the site. They can charge 16 council fleet vehicles simultaneously at a rate of 11kW, with a charge time of approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to get to 80 per cent.

The Waterside Innovation Hub is a “smart grid” project developed by PPS and partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It will also include:

  • A 50-kW solar panel canopy over car parking spaces – generating green energy and providing shade
  • A 12 MW/24 MWh battery energy storage system on brownfield land which, once installed, could generate enough energy to power 3000 homes for two hours

Steve Cains, Director of Power Solutions at PPS, said: “PPS is very pleased that the first phase of the Waterside Innovation Hub is now complete with the installation of these EV chargers for SBC.

“This exciting project aims to create a demonstrator which can be scaled and replicated as a sustainable future energy model, encompassing battery storage, EV chargers and a solar canopy on the same site. Once again, we are showing how Swindon can lead the way in green power technology and can help other local authorities deliver on their renewable-powered EV charging needs.”

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