Innovative & unique Public Sector new energy procurement solution launches

2nd October 2018 Public Power Solutions, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Swindon Borough Council, is launching the UK’s first and only dynamic framework for new energy projects.

  • Swindon Borough Council’s Public Power Solutions launches unique dynamic framework for new energy projects
  • Vendors and suppliers are invited to pre-register
  • The New Energy Dynamic Framework (NEDF) allows the Public Sector to access a portal of pre-qualified suppliers to complete and score OJEU-compliant tenders within a minimum of 15 working days, saving time and money
  • Builds on success of PPS’s solar dynamic framework

2nd October 2018 Public Power Solutions, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Swindon Borough Council, is launching the UK’s first and only dynamic framework for new energy projects.

This follows on from its successful establishment in 2015 of the UK’s first dynamic framework for large-scale solar projects. The New Energy Dynamic Framework (NEDF) will allow any public sector body to access a portal of pre-qualified suppliers with the skills and expertise for the design, funding, construction, development and operation of embedded energy generation projects throughout the EU. This includes, but is not limited to solar, battery storage and EV charging on individual or multiple sites, including aggregated projects.

A dynamic framework is an open, completely electronic process for purchasing goods, works or services for a period of up to four years, fully aligned with public sector procurement rules for OJEU (Official Journal for European Union). It allows new suitably qualified suppliers to join the framework at any time during its four year life, resulting a constantly refreshed list of suppliers to respond to each tender.

The NEDF will offer substantial benefits to Public Sector organisations:

  • Time savings, as the NEDF can be completed and scored in as little as 15 days compared with six months typically for a Public Sector organisation to run its own OJEU tender.
  • PPS provides support throughout the process.
  • Compliant with OJEU Public Contracts Regulations 2015.
  • It allows local suppliers to pre-register for specific projects being delivered in their geographical area.
  • It supports SMEs through the division of lots.

Steve Cains, PPS’ Head of Power Solutions, said: “We are simplifying the process for organisations from councils to Universities to procure a range of integrated energy technologies and services across the board, from finance to O&M. Smoothing the path for the public sector at a time when public sector budgets are really squeezed, we’ll be saving them both time and money.

“Since we launched our first dynamic framework for the solar industry, there have been huge advances in renewable energy technology and infrastructure, so NEDF reflects that and encompasses a much broader range of technologies. It offers benefits for suppliers too –who will be able to tender for a large number of projects.”

The NEDF will launch to the Public Sector on January 1st 2019, and PPS is inviting vendors to apply to join it from the beginning of November 2018. A supplier day will be held on 31st October to present the new system to suppliers and provide support for those wishing to join.

PPS is seeking applications from organisations with the ability to deliver embedded generation and/or electric vehicle charging services in the following disciplines:

Lot 1: Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC); Lot 2: Independent Connection Provider (ICP); Lot 3: Operations and Maintenance (O&M); Lot 4: Legal Services; Lot 5: Technical Adviser; Lot 6: Power Purchase Agreement Provider; Lot 7: Financial Platform; Lot 8: Energy Trading.

Organisations can apply to multiple lots providing they are all part of their core business offering. The NEDF can be accessed via this link:

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