Renewable Power Solutions

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As a wholly-owned company of Swindon Borough Council, Public Power Solutions has developed a truly innovative approach to solar development. We use our expertise and experience to help other public sector organisations throughout the UK generate solar power to meet their obligations to cut carbon emissions and contribute to national renewable energy targets and energy security.

This brings wider economic benefits for local authorities whose budgets are continually being reduced: generating revenue through rent, business rates and investment opportunities, while also saving council-taxpayers’ money on council energy bills.

Combining development, funding and management expertise in a simple package, local authorities can maximise their renewable energy assets while PPS takes on all the development risk at no cost. We lead on all aspects of large-scale solar development – from planning and grid connection to construction and investment structure, creating a unique model that puts the local community first.

PPS has already developed substantial solar assets, both ground-mount and rooftop, in the Swindon area and further afield. Our newest innovations include car park canopies and solar noise barriers.

  • End to end project management
  • Minimises client risk
  • Saving costs and generating revenues
  • Environmental leadership
  • Putting communities first

Public Power Solutions have been a fantastic company to partner with in developing our solar farm at Wroughton. The energy and professionalism shown by the team as we navigated the complex planning system and ultimately secured approval for this project, was outstanding. The ethical and open way the public were approached and enthused, ensured that confidence in the company, and its partners, was gained and given very vocal local support. PPS are certainly a company to work with if you want to achieve success in renewables.

Matt Moore, Head of Site and Sustainability
Science Museum Group
Community Engagement
Careful site selection, early consultation and community benefits are key aspects of our service.

While community consultation is a planning requirement, to us it is much more than a ‘tick box’ exercise. We aim to build local support for our projects, find solutions to any issues that are raised and ensure communities have the opportunity to benefit directly from our projects.

We can offer community investment with partner organisations, in the form of a debenture or bond offer. We also like to work with partners who offer a community benefit fund for the local area, typically £1000 per MW per year for the life of the project. The funding can then be used for community projects such as new play equipment, local forest planting or community events.

Maximising biodiversity is also another very important part of our development of a solar park. Ground mounted solar arrays are an excellent place to improve nature and the surrounding environment. On low-grade ground, we will implement a bespoke ecological plan introducing native wildflower meadows and grasslands to provide a rich habitat for bees and other pollinating insects.

Beehives, bird and bat boxes can be sited around the arrays.

Solar parks are also a great place to introduce sheep for grazing, with plenty of space for sheep to thrive around the panels without endangering themselves. Keeping livestock amongst the panels is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to maintain the land.

PPS has set up the UK’s first Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for solar projects in the public sector – helping our customers secure the best possible contracts.

A DPS is an open, completely electronic process for purchasing goods, works or services for a period of up to four years, fully aligned with public sector procurement rules for OJEU (Office Journal for European Union).

We know that public sector organisations must meet high EU standards when it comes to procurement, which can be time-consuming and costly. Our DPS can help public sector groups save both time and money in procurement, providing an end-to-end solution with minimal risk.

A Contract Notice has been published through the OJEU giving potential providers the opportunity to join the DPS and can be found at:

Economics of Solar
Recent changes in government policy towards renewable energy have made solar development more challenging. However we believe this offers new opportunities for the public sector, particularly on council-owned property, where a ‘private-wire’ direct supply agreement may be possible, and with the availability of low cost council funding. Utility-scale solar projects without subsidy are already achievable – Contact us for the latest financial model.