Solar PV

Public sector organisations and communities can play a huge part in changing the way energy is generated and managed.

Our innovative approach to solar development can help local authorities meet obligations to cut carbon emissions and contribute to national renewable energy targets and energy security.

Buildings, car parks, unused or low-grade farmland and closed landfill sites can all be used to produce energy - whether they are council owned assets, or belonging to local landowners.

This brings wider economic benefits, especially as budgets are being reduced:

Solar PV can help you to

  • Generate revenue through rent, business rates and investment opportunities
  • Save council-taxpayers’ money on Council energy bills
  • Help make the most of under-utilised assets
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Provide opportunities for community investment and community benefit funds

We are leaders in developing solar projects for the public sector. Our award-winning, innovative track record includes:

  • Over 170 MW of new solar development, ranging from rooftop schemes to some of the largest solar farms in the UK
  • Wroughton Airfield Solar Farm, capacity 62 MW - one of the largest ground mount solar parks in the UK
  • Chapel Farm Solar Park- the first solar farm funded by a Council backed community solar bond, winning 2017 APSE award for Best Renewable Energy Initiative
  • Common Farm Solar Park- the first solar farm funded by an ISA-eligible renewable energy bond
  • PPS named winner of 2016 Regen Green Energy Award for ‘Most Proactive Public Sector Organisation’

Solar Carports

Solar carports can be designed for use on a range of car park types, on both surface and multi-storey assets, and offer an option for generating renewable electricity without compromising the underlying function for parking. In addition to generating income for owners, solar carports provide shelter for vehicles, and the electricity generated can be connected to the national grid, or used on site for charging electric vehicles. Innovative schemes can provide additional value by incorporating rainwater harvesting or even advertising.

We can also help you implement electric vehicle charging infrastructure, powered either by solar energy through a private-wire or the grid.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Working with us

We have successfully completed solar projects for private landowners and many public sector organisations including Swindon Borough Council, The Science Museum Group, South Gloucestershire Council, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Bristol City Council.

Our services combine feasibility, development, funding and management expertise in a simple package. This allows landowners, local authorities and other companies to maximise their renewable energy assets while PPS takes on all the development risk at no cost.

We can lead on all aspects of solar development – from planning and grid connection to construction and investment structure, creating a unique model that puts the local community first.

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It is companies like Swindon’s Public Power Solutions that are helping transform Britain’s green economy, with their innovative approach to developing and financing renewable energy infrastructure and track record of procuring and delivering projects that bridge the gap between the public and private sector.

The Rt Hon Claire Perry MP
Former Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth

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