Public Sector Solutions that Deliver Financial Benefits and Reduce Carbon

As a wholly-owned company of Swindon Borough Council, Public Power Solutions has developed a truly innovative approach to solar development. We believe Public Sector organisations and communities can play a huge part in changing the way energy is generated and managed.

We use our expertise and experience to help organisations throughout the UK to generate solar power to meet their obligations to cut carbon emissions and contribute to national renewable energy targets and energy security.

This brings wider economic benefits for local authorities whose budgets are continually being reduced: generating revenue through rent, business rates and investment opportunities, while also saving council-taxpayers’ money on council energy bills.  Being asset-rich, local authorities are well placed to turn under-utilised assets into valuable, revenue-earning assets.

We are experienced in structuring a range of financial models depending on your specific requirements including commercial investment, community funding or a mix of the two.

We developed the first ever Council backed community solar bond to fund the construction of Common Farm Community Solar Park in partnership with Abundance Investment.  The scheme offered a minimum investment of £5 and offering a 6% return, was extremely popular and closed several weeks earlier than expected.

We combine development, funding and management expertise in a simple package. This allows local authorities to maximise their renewable energy assets while PPS takes on all the development risk at no cost. We lead on all aspects of large-scale solar development – from planning and grid connection to construction and investment structure, creating a unique model that puts the local community first.

PPS has already developed substantial solar assets, both ground-mount and rooftop, in the Swindon area and further afield.  Wroughton Airfield Solar Park is one of the biggest ground mount solar parks in the UK. Our newest innovations include car park canopies and battery storage projects.

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