What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste can be defined as waste which results from a business and its operations (see Defra for more information). This includes refuse from gardening and building work carried out on a domestic property, if the person carrying out the work is not the homeowner.

Our Service

Public Power Solutions offer a commercial waste recycling service at our Waterside Park depot on the Cheney Manor Industrial Estate, Swindon.

We are fully permitted to accept a multitude of wastes from commercial outlets and pride ourselves on our ability to maintain consistently high recycling rates most of which is achieved at the point of acceptance.

At present, we recycle, treat or compost more than 97% of waste received.

On your arrival, you will be greeted by one of our team who will inspect all documentation and waste for disposal, once weighed and accepted onto site you will be directed to our transfer station where staff will advise you of the areas for each waste stream.

Commercial Waste Charges 

Who needs to be registered as a waste carrier?

  • Those operating a waste carrying business (carrying waste on behalf of someone else, or from someone else’s property)
  • Those who transport waste produced by their own business i.e. a gardener carrying grass/hedge cuttings.
  • Those who collect or dispose of waste as part of their business from other people i.e. house clearance.

You must be registered as a waste carrier, broker or dealer to use our commercial waste services and anyone wishing to dispose of commercial waste will be required to produce the following:

  • Valid waste carriers licence
  • Waste transfer note in duplicate
  • Proof of public liability

Waste Transfer Notes must be completed by you the carrier/producer of the waste prior to your arrival onsite, and us the receiver of the waste prior to any waste being unloaded, each party must retain a copy for their records.

Please note that these are legal requirements for the carriage and transfer of waste and anyone unable to produce the required documentation will be unable to access commercial waste services.

To register as a waste carrier, broker or dealer visit www.gov.uk/wastecarrier-or-broker-registration

Terms and Conditions

  • Report to a member of staff on arrival, all relevant paperwork should be complete prior to your arrival.
  • All users must provide evidence of registration with the Environment Agency as waste carriers.
  • All users must provide evidence of valid Public Liability Insurance.
  • Customers will be charged by weight and type of waste at the current rate.
  • Staff reserve the right to check the contents of delivered materials and their decision is final.
  • All directions given by staff must be followed.
  • For Hazardous waste please check with staff that it can be accepted.
  • We do not accept asbestos, oils, paints, car parts etc. this list is not exhaustive.
  • Public Power Solutions reserves the right to refuse commercial customers.

Public Power Solutions Has Zero Tolerance to Violence at Work

PPS is committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace culture, and will not tolerate violence of any kind. The Health and Safety Executive has defined violence at work to be any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work.

Violence and aggression towards PPS staff and other site users is unacceptable. Staff have the right to expect a safe and secure workplace, and PPS has a legal and ethical duty to do their utmost to prevent staff from being assaulted or abused in the course of their work.

PPS expect those accessing our services and premises to treat staff and other users with the courtesy and respect that they would expect to receive themselves.

PPS will not tolerate violence, physical aggression or verbal abuse towards our staff or other users and will support the prosecution of anyone who behaves in this manner.

Failure to comply with any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions or any behaviours deemed unacceptable by Public Power Solutions will result in you being asked to leave the site and consequently you may be prevented from returning.

Should you require any further information regarding the transfer or carriage of waste please contact your local Environment Agency Officer.


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