Budget cuts and increasing pressure on services have compelled Local Authorities to think of different ways to fill the ever-growing funding gap. Councils have been taking different approaches to this problem, depending on local circumstances. Commercial investment boards set up by local authorities now scrutinise ways to generate long-term revenues whilst maximising the benefits for local residents and businesses. These range from investment in commercial property and regeneration to one local authority even setting up its own bank! The focus on sustainable income generation is…Continue Reading “Swindon’s pioneering approach to solar”

The momentum behind the electric vehicle revolution now seems to be unstoppable. The government is banning new fossil fuel powered cars from 2040 and EV sales are climbing rapidly (as diesels decline). Government policy is supportive through the new Clean Growth and Industrial Strategies, with grants available for installing EV chargers at home and work. Local Authorities have a key role to play in ensuring they deliver the infrastructure that supports the revolution. We’re working with our parent Swindon Borough Council on an EV charging…Continue Reading “Local Authorities helping drive the EV Revolution”

Electricity prices have been rising quickly over recent years, a trend that seems set to continue. The costs to renew our aging electricity infrastructure are being passed directly onto the consumer, who in turn are seeing an increase in their bills. There is particular strain on the grid at peak times and commercial customers who need to use their electricity during these busy hours can face eye watering charges. The National Grid, responsible for operating the UK transmission network and balancing the dynamic shifts between…Continue Reading “Renewable revenue”