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A wholly-owned subsidiary of Swindon Borough Council, we offer innovative solutions for public sector organisations in the areas of Power and Waste

Our Power business brings together the best of the public and commercial sectors to deliver energy solutions that benefit private landowners or public sector organisations and the communities they serve.

Our Waste business provides innovative solutions for waste management and treatment for Swindon Borough Council, its residents and businesses, and other local authorities.

We believe local authorities and communities can benefit financially from the move to a more sustainable future, and want to use our expertise, experience and innovation to help make that transition.

We work with private landowners and public sector organisations throughout the UK to deliver renewable energy projects and waste solutions that save money, generate new income streams and support the environment.

PPS was named Most Proactive Public Sector Organisation in the 2016 Regen Green Energy Awards. This recognises a track record that has put Swindon at the forefront of the renewable revolution with innovations like:

  • The UK’s first solar farm funded by Council-backed solar bonds sold directly to the public
  • One of the UK’s largest standalone electricity battery storage facilities with a permitted capacity of 50 MW
  • The UK’s first ISA-eligible community solar bond investment
  • One of the UK’s largest solar farms completed in partnership with the Science Museum, 62MW, including a £62,000 annual community benefit fund focusing on learning, science and technology
  • The UK’s first Solid Recovered Fuel plant in the UK to process municipal waste into a high-calorie renewable fuel. This will be powered by a 2.5MW solar array – the ultimate in green energy
  • The UK’s first OJEU-compliant Dynamic Framework for solar projects in the public sector

PPS is now sharing the benefits of our approach, which has successfully helped Swindon maximise its assets, with other public sector organisations throughout the UK.

All our projects put communities at their heart, while creating value for the public sector through innovation and risk-reduction. They generate revenue through rent, business rates and investment opportunities, while saving taxpayers’ money through better efficiency and lower bills. Supporting the move to a more sustainable future.

We also manage all of Swindon Borough Council’s household waste treatment and disposal as well as offering a commercial waste recycling service.

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Our Vision

A world of zero waste and clean smart power

Our Mission

Deliver sustainable waste and power solutions by blending the strengths of the public, community and commercial sectors

Our Values

We put safety at the heart of everything we do

We respect each other

We are customer focussed

We are passionate about finding innovative solutions that respect the environment

We are accountable for everything we do

We understand the value of, and embrace diversity

We lead by example and develop new leaders

Swindon is proud to be at the forefront of the green energy revolution, while finding innovative ways in which to utilise our assets generating an income for the Council to protect vital services. PPS has played an essential role in these achievements as we work towards our target of installing enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of all the homes in the Borough by 2020.

Cllr Toby Elliott
Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Sustainability

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Case Study

Mannington Battery Storage

50 MW project providing long-term rental income for Swindon Borough Council

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